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World Of Discovery - Tiger: Lord Of The Wild

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Beautiful, majestic, powerful and deadly, the tiger has thrived on earth for millennia. But the population of these great beasts has recently dwindled to precious thousands in the forests of India, Nepal, Siberia, and Southeast Asia, and the tiger's shrinking domain is causing chaos in the natural world.

Sanctuaries designed to preserve the animal have resulted in fatal human attacks, and the severely reduced tiger population has caused frequent inbreeding. In addition, a hugely profitable worldwide black market for everything from tiger skeletons to tiger skin has emerged. Stunning photography takes you into the tiger's realm where you can witness the great cats in their struggle for survival.

The World of Discovery series takes you to the far corners of the globe to explore the secrets of nature and wildlife, the frontiers of science and technology, and the compelling questions of history and the world we live in.

As seen on ABC. Narrated by James Brolin.

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